Creative Bibliographies: Citing our Embodied Archives

Beyond the Proscenium Conference

UMass Amherst in partnership with Five College Dance, Amherst, Massachusetts

March 13, 2021

This workshop imagines each body as an archive: both as site and contents. Through a dialogic process of writing, moving, and speaking together, participants will invoke those who have earned a place in their creative bibliographies, citing them out loud. Through conversation, they will acknowledge and excavate the movement histories that shape their choices and capacities as dancers. This shared practice will conclude with a practice from Diewald’s developing research, through which the lineage of a single movement or gesture is traced.

Note: I later extended this research into a semester-long first year seminar course entitled Embodied Archives: Movement as a Way of Knowing

2019 Annual New England Regional Conference

Plymouth State University, Plymouth, New Hampshire

April 3-7, 2019